trinaward1: (Halloween)
trinaward1 ([personal profile] trinaward1) wrote2013-10-18 08:11 pm

Things are going...

pretty well lately. I've become used to the new diet & am actually following it. No sneaking sweets for this girl!
I've also started walking around the block twice a day and my clothes arent tight anymore. I've havent lost a lot of weight yet ( maybe 5 lbs) but I feel better & am getting 7-8 hours of sleep,too.

I'm waiting to get the results of a drug test & background check for an employer and then I might have a job! I hope to hear from them soon.

I've started making my Xmas gifts. Last year I waited too long then I had to rush to complete them in time. I'm proud of myself for starting on them early this year!